Back in Kyoto

Kyoto International Manga Museum

After we checked out of our Airbnb, Andy and I made our way towards the Kyoto International Manga Museum. On the way, we got to take a nice walk in the city parts of Kyoto. We stopped at a Doutor for some breakfast, which consisted of some nice hot tea and some small sandwiches. We’ve always wanted to get something from Doutor since we saw them everywhere in Japan. Funny enough, Doutor is a lot like Tim Hortons in Canada. They sold similar items and of course, they’re everywhere.

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Visiting Kyoto

Taking the Shinkansen

Jan 4. Early morning at around 8 AM, we left to take the train from Tokyo to Kyoto. We had decided that we were going to take the Shinkansen, an extremely fast bullet train which made a 6-hour drive into a ride that was a little over 2 hours. Taking the Shinkansen was a really pleasant experience. It was really comfy with spacious seating. You also get to pass by a lot of nice sights. But since it was so comfy, I fell asleep for a good part of my ride.

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